Aurora Dsign


Aurora Dsign was created as an assignment back in Drafting School in 2002. The company was a lot different then as the focus was on drafting and design at the time. Most the work then was house plans and furniture designs. The company fell to the wayside for 14 years but the creative juices still flowed. In 2016, Aurora Dsign took on multiple home projects such as tables, storage bins and custom designed bookshelves. Once those projects showed promise, the creativity expanded towards handmade wooden flags and other contracted projects. Since then, things have taken off and many different projects have come across the work bench. Today, the focus is on anything and everything within our creative realm. Every new challenge is just a new technique to learn and we welcome it. We love what we do and hope you love it as well.

Mike Aurora

I am a Husband & Dad by day and a 10 year TCO/911 Shift Supervisor by night. I spend what other time I have covered in saw dust.  I find peace in creating and working with my hands.